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. that name not as much as gamal going. >> it was just several days ago president obama was calling for mu pew to leave immediately. now the administration wants mubarak to stay put. tell us about that? >> reporter: it is being perceived in egypt, they believe it is critical that mubarak stays on for the reasons of a smooth transition. frank wisner saying it is crucial. he believes if mubarak stays on there will be a peaceful and orderly transition to democracy. >> i believe that president mubarak's continued leadership is critical. it is his opportunity to write his own legacy. >> reporter: sigh mull taken ly, -- simultaneously, secretary of state clinton said the process must be supported. she believes democratic elections have to take place. which is what the protesters want. >> what will be the impact if you can sense it among the anti-government protesters now that the obama administration, no longer appears to be pushing for mubarak's immediate removal? >> reporter: those protesters never believed they had the full backing of america however much the white house is making statements. the
about what the obama's administration is, at times they are saying mubarak they want him to transition out and now a special envoy that visits the region says not so fast. what are you hearing there? >> the message certainly has changed in flavor, perhaps in total to be quite honest. we just saw a special envoy frank lisner -- whirt ner, obama they want a full removal of mubarak. they say it's crucial that they stage the transition. dramatically different what we were hearing. he says he believes increasingly they will be an orderly transition to democracy. >> i therefore believe that president mubarak's continued leadership is critical, it's his opportunity write his own legacy. >> reporter: now speaking if munich, secretary of state hillary clinton has today said that the transition pro said led by omar suleiman must be supported. officials are quick to say she doesn't mean that there is any u.s. support for the vice president to have a new role in the new government come the elections that are planned for later this year. they are not trying to endorse anybody in particular but by s
obama will be unveiling his 2012 budget. pitting the white house plans against the gop house. as they promise to slash $100 billion this year and if democrats won't work with them, molly henneberg said. >> steve what is in the president's 2012 budget? >> its blueprint that aims to reduce the deficit by $1.1 trillion over two years and cost cutting measures including grants to the state, airport funding and public health programs. here is how the budget director describes it. >> we have to start living within our means. our budget will get us over the next several years to the point where we can look at the american people in the eye and say we're not adding to the debt anymore. we're spending money we have each year and then we can work on bringing down our national debt. >> reporter: the budget cuts to defense spending but does not cut the third rail of politics, medicare and social security. >> gregg: the entitlement programs, steve, the president seems to be responding to gop demands for the budget cuts what is the republican reaction so far? >> reporter: they don't think
their promise, put the cuts into the budget and let obama veto it and shut the government down, if that is the case, or let democrats in the senate block it and, again, shut the government down and that will be on them, not on the republicans. >> jamie: that is interesting. is there a risk/reward analysis here? what do the house republicans have to lose by sticking to the pledge and seeing what democrats do in the senate? >> i think that you are exactly right, that that is absolutely the best possible scenario, because the worst thing that can happen is that democrats block it. and republicans can always go into the next election, saying we kept our promise and we were the adults, we made these proposed cuts, obviously, we don't control the sentence and don't control the white house and therefore we couldn't, you know, didn't succeed, democrats blocked it, but, if that this is case, then you -- you know, every election is pin the tail on the donkey and you pin the tail on the donkey and make sure you win the argument and blame it on the democrats. and, they -- that way they hav
.s. from drowning in debt. president obama is going to address. he previewed his 2012 budget. >> so after a decade of rising deficits, this budget asks washington to live within it's means, at the same time investing in our future. it cuts what we can't afford to pay for what we can't do without. that is what families do in hard times and that is what our country has to do as well. >> jamie: will it do enough to take on deficits topping 1.4 tripled. some republicans say, it doesn't even come close. john, good to see. how much is too much when it comes to spending? >> we are borrowing 43 cents out of every dollar we are spending. that is way too much. we continued on that path, we become italy. >> jamie: president says we have to do investing in future. are their areas that cause you more concern than others in terms of what the money will be spent on? >> the president said this is our sputnik moment but high speed rail is a train to nowhere. it's not workable in this country and there are other problems with that. i question whether the president is trying to pay off certain special inter
report on the latest on the developing story later in the show. >> gregg: president obama preparing to address the u.s. congress tomorrow and he will attempt to win the support of business leaders. >> it's a short walk from the white house to the chamber of commerce but there is a big divide between the two. complicating the relationship, they helped the republicans win back to the house. their leaders say the president's health care law is bad for business. plus last fall the chamber may have used foreign money to air ads attacking democrats. >> if we make america the best place to do business, businesses should make their mark here in america. they should set up shop here and hire workers and pay decent wages. >> this relationship could be for a number of reasons. elections are warming up but the chamber focuses on congressional races that will have influence over voters. voters the president needs for reelection. if you are on the same side of an important fight winning congressional support with a trade agreement for south korea. business leaders like that he has appointed bill
obama announcing economic sanctions against the regime saying the united states will freeze billions of dollars in government assets. the economic vice may get tighter. the united nations is holding a weekend session and they are debating a resolution that would impose their own sanctions. julie banderas is covering that angle. >> julie: they are honing to get a vote while there is a broad support for a draft resolution to impose international sanctions against muammar khadafy's government. some countries remain split over whether to refer the issue to the rarely used international criminal court. at a closed-door meeting, china right now is the only country still objecting to an immediate icc referral which would include an investigation of crimes against humanity committed by khadafy against his people since february 15th. the crackdown has resulted in the killings of at least a thousand civilians. meantime, the u.n. resolution was drafted by u.k. and france that would include an arms embargo freezing assets and a travel ban against khadafy, his family and top lieutenant commanders
and doug in washington. president obama making calls to foreign leaders from great britain to turkey as the shock of egypt's revolution ripples around the world. so the president working the phones today. right, doug? >> according to the white house, the president made a number of calls to foreign leaders today on the subject of egypt. he spoke to prime minister cameron of the united kingdom. king abdullah of jordan and prime minister of turkey. the president also welcomed egypt's supreme council of the armed forces announcement that it is, quote, committed to a democratic civilian transition and will stand by egypt's international obligations. the president manufactured his conviction that democracy will bring more, not less, stability to that region. others are suggesting that leaders in the arab world need to be pro-active in bringing change before they, too, are overcome by revolutionary forces at work in that region. >> i think the lesson ought to be that authoritarian states in the region need to get ahead of their populations. they need to lead the process of political and eco
committee and a group called organizing for america, that is the political machine for president obama are are heavily in what is going on in wisconsin. the even hoping to organize the protests that you reit lit there and they enhanged teachers to slow up at the capitol, don't show up in the classroom. that could be a clear violation of their contracts. with us, constitution law attorney day ri david rip ken. always great to see you. if the teachers are violating their contracts by not showing up for work and instead they are out there, you know, protesting, could they bow fired? >> they can be fired. >> i also think there is a liability to what is being done by the dnc. in one it is a tort, interference with a contractual relationship. they are violating wisconsin law. aiding and abetting a violation of the contractual relationship. aiding and abetting perhaps the conspiracy of. the president, of course, has spoken in their defense and in one level this is a political statement, a policy statement. i wonder if you look at it for a second we are not just talking about a labor dispute f
? >> if we have lack of jobs, it's because of obama's miserable economic policy which have run up $3 trillion of debt and has created the worst economy since the great depression. we have debt out of control. governor walker is trying to do something about this. president obama by contrast put out a budget just last week which doesn't address any of our problems. >> what are you talking about? first he inherited $1.3 trillion in debt. he hasn't added $3 trillion in debt. it was an economy near depression he had to pull it out. i call this group of governors double-dipers. these guys are determined to make sure they do. coming in and they are gutted go everything and the investment. all right, it's math -- you have revenues and costs. obama inherited all this. you how can you say.... >> when obama took office, you know that, right? >> we had a meltdown. of course, the collapse of financial, all right tell the automakers he has made it worse. we have a recovery and why should people -- and their entire life is at stake and their kids' future. not main street or wall street, not guys getting hun
in funding cut for the national endowment for the arts. >> kelly: president obama saying in his weekly address, today he considers education to be the key to boosting our nation's economy. >> if we want to win the global competition for new jobs and industries, we've got to win the global competition to educate our people. we've got to have the best trained, best skilled work force in the world. that's how we'll insure that the next intel or google or next microsoft is created in america and hire american workers. >> kelly: but republicans say rein not guilty government spending is the most important issue going forward. congressman tom price questioning the president's commitment to making the hard decisions. >> i find it astounding that the president has submitted a budget that ignores the recommendations of his own fiscal commission and it punts on all of the tough choice, including entitlement reform. instead, he's expanded entitlements through obamacare, a government takeover that will destroy 800,000 jobs, according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office and accelerate ou
barack obama praising the new era dawning in he -- in egypt. now washington must strike a delicate balance teen the prom of a new democracy and the peril that could come if egypt falls into instability. peter doocy has been following this and joins us with more details. this is a critical balance the united states has to strike? >> reporter: it is now that hosni mubarak has stepped aside some politicians in washington are stepping up to explain what they think is going to happen next. president obama said what went down yesterday wasn't just the end of a regime rather the of a new egypt. >> the president: president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunger for change this is not the end of egypt's transition. it is a beginning. i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead. >> reporter: republican ron paul was more concerned. saying he thinks anything bad that happens in egypt is partly our fault. more specifically, he said, this is a quote, we bought that army and we subsidized and propped up mubarak for all this time. some of this mess, we have moral responsibility for it.
that call for a day of range in damascus this week. the obama administration is urging hosni mubarak to step down immediately. >> what happens to u.s. relations with egypt once that happens? edward walker served as ambassador to egypt. he joins us to discuss this. this is a very important, tense situation we are following ambassador. what happens once mubarak does step down? >> that depends on who takes over. if if you have a transitional government which has many military figure it, civilian and opposition characters we can work with that. we don't have to abandon egypt. we don't have to admit that we aren't going to be automobile to -- to be age to work with a successor government. our relationship is with egypt, not mubarak. we have important interests in sustaining that relationship. i'm confident that we will not be -- thrown out. >> the egyptian people are proud. do you think it is wise for the united states to stay publicly, on television what steps need to be made to get mubarak out at this time? this could fuel more tensions between theta?mg protesters and attitudes towards the unit
president obama's health care reform, also blocked. the legislation passed largely along party lines. victory for the 87 freshmen republicans who promised they were going to do this. peter doocy joins us with the details. >> reporter: congressmen and women here got to work yesterday at 9 a.m., but didn't punch out until 4:40 this morning. after days of debate that's how long it took to get this 1.2 trillion dollar spending mesh hurt through to now fun the federal government through the rest of the fiscal year which runs until september 30th. most a party line vote. no democrats voted for this measure. only three republicans, campbell, flake and jones voted against it. let's at -- let's take a look at what it looked like at the end of that very long day. >> on this vote the yeas are 235 nays 189, the bill is passed. >> reporter: with that comes 61 billion dollars in cuts from 2010 levels. among those cuts include a ban on federal money for planned parenthood. big cut in many federal agencies including epa and irs. prohibition of federal funding for that-year-old health care law. all t
for muammar qaddafi to quit, and leave now. and, so is president obama. good morning, i'm eric sean and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> jamie: stronger words from the white house this morning, i'm jamie colby, both sides gearing up for a huge fight outside libya's capital city. the rebels there shooting up and setting fire to government offices and police stations, as they move closer and closer to the capital. and, forces loyal to muammar qaddafi working to stop them. we are live at the lybian border. >> reporter: what happens in the town may be the test case for what happens later in the capital, trimly, we are 30 miles west of tripoli and anti-muammar qaddafi forces took control of the center of the town but they are not by any means in complete control of it. we are told the pro muammar qaddafi forces, the army, militias, the mers necessary are gathering outside of the town and intend at some point to take back control. what happens there will be critical to the wider fight. and, it has become a critical point. look at the cell phone video we obtained, shot there and
qadaffi to step down come now from president obama himself. libyan rebels are gaining control in a region not far from the country's capital city of tripoli. we have fox news team coverage live across the region. jonathan hunt along the tunisia libyan border where the tunisia prime minister has just stepped down. amid protests in this country. we begin with david in libya. >> there is concern that the conflict will grow bloodier before it is over. there was a significant evacuation that took place a short time ago. we shot video that you are now about to see. 150 or so oil workers were placed on board the british royal navy frigate the hms cumberland. they are on their way to the island of malta, about a 36 hour trip. i talked to a number and most said -- and that now is the time to leave before the situation does grow worse. meanwhile, we are getting reports this evening that on the outskirts of the capital tripoli a town directly south province is now in the hands of antigovernment forces. the bat -- we have amateur video of the battle. this is 30-miles from tripoli and underscores the
safely out of libya, president obama issuing a formal executive order yesterday. imposing unilateral sanctions again the regime and freezing qadhafi's american held assets. the president saying the u.s. will stand steadfastly with the libyan people in their demand for universal rights. with qadhafi killing more of his people everyday, in a desperate bid to remain in power, it was not clear these actions would do much to put an immediate stop to the worsening crisis in laboria. sanctions take time to put in -- time put in place. qadhafi in the past has ignored outside pressure such as an international community. like with egypt and bahrain, close american al lies also erupted into crisis the united states has few contacts deep inside the libyan government. american officials discussing a new flight zone over libya to revent qadhafi from using military aircraft against department yeah stores. such a move would have to be coordinated with nato and require security council resolution which arab governments might object to on sovereignty grounds. >> uma: it could be a major set back for i
, secretary of state hillary clinton says the obama administration is reaching out to libyan opposition groups. this as the battle for control of the country enters a critical stage, armed rebels now control a city and they are closing on the capital of tripoli which is only about 30 miles away. muammar khadafy is vowing to hold on to power. david? >> it's second largest city about one million residents, tonight that is a city that, indeed, very much on edge. earlier today, here in been georgia si a mass evacuation did -- been georgia i said. most of them coming from the u.k. they were taken to a port here. they boarded a british ship, the hms cumber land. they are on their way to the island of malta. royal marines were there much to their surprise but a number of libyan coastguard officers that have switched sides. i talked to one of the officers he says, i'm quoting, he is with the people and want to make sure that the people being evacuated get home safely. in another development, this is eastern libya is largely liberated and forth continue to make forces to the west of the capital of trip
iran's youth to once again stage an uprising of their own. is the obama administration stokeing that fire? peter dooc ocy in washington wh the story. >> many tried to uprise i in ad they were beaten down in the streets. there are protests for tomorrow in iran and iranians are spray painting tahrir square on street signs. put that together with the perspective of the exiled prince of iran, he says his country might now be ready for democracy. >> they have been ready for years but in terms of opportunity the opportunity now is more than ever from many standpoints. a, they know that they are not operating aloan in a vacuum any more. they know that the world is watching more intently than ever before. particularly i think from the point of view of the western world the tenability of people demanding something in countries in the middle east was at best a possibility. now, they have a tangible proof of it. >> and last week marked the 32nd anniversary of prince rezps a dad the shaa of iran being overthrown. former national security advisor steven bush says he sees it since iranians kn
: the battle over government spending about to kick into high gear, because, president obama will release his budget plan for 2012. that is the budget that goes into place in october. and happens tomorrow. calling for what he says are difficult cuts, the president wants to trim the deficit by $1.1 trillion, over the next decade. but, critics argue that even deeper cuts are needed. peter doocy has details, live from washington. hi, peter. >> james, lots of people propose on valentine's dae and president obama will propose his budget tomorrow, and he says it will shave $1.1 trillion off the deficit in the next ten years and 2/3 will be with cuts and 2/3 of those cuts, are coming from a combination of a five-year freeze on nonsecurity spending and mandatory savings and lower interest payments and also, bush era tax cuts for the wealthy, will go away, and that will not count towards the $1.1 trillion. >> president barack obama: families across this country understand what it takes to manage a budget. they understand what it takes to make ends meet without foregoing important investments like educ
obama's message to libya today loud and clear, leader gadhafi, he says, must, quote, leave now. this as the u.n. security council considers imposing sanctions. julie banderas is live with more on that. >> here in new york city, world diplomats still meeting behind closed doors at the united nations security council debating wording on a draft resolution apparently to impose international sanctions against moammar gadhafi's government. diplomats are telling fox they are hoping, hoping to get a vote sometime around 8:00 o'clock p.m. tonight. the resolution would include an arms embar good morning freezing assets and a travel ban against gadhafi, his family, and top military and intelligence commanders. it would also include an investigation of crimes against humanity committed by gadhafi against his people. the resolution is stalled by china with concerns over the referral of criminal court. president obama issuing his strongest statement yet against colonel gadhafi, saying the libyan leader must leave the country now. while speaking with german chancellor this afternoon, obama
. and president obama h, will he e it for political purposes, a fair and balanced debate, coming up. [ female nouncer ] most women in america aren't getting the ccium they need. only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value to help close the calcium gap, we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com. ♪ ♪ one, two, three, fo ♪ want you and everything that you do...do ♪ ♪ it's obvious that i like you ♪ i'd go anywhere to be near you ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do... ♪ i can't sleep ♪ do, do, do, do >> jamie: a young girl is recovering in arizona after a freak accident that happened at a birthday party and involved an inflatable bounce houses and i'm sure you have seen them, the ten-year-old and a younger friend were inside and a sudden storm came up, and there was a strong gust of wind that literally lifted the inflatable structure from the yard, blew it more than 100 feet and the younger girl fell out before it left the yar
and give up most collective bargaining rights. president obama weighed in on the issue last week by calling this an assault on unions. most democrats agree. >> this governor is not setting out to fix a budget, he's setting out to break a union, a major move in terms of american history. i believe the president should have weighed in. i think we should all weigh in and do the right inning for wisconsin's budget but do not destroy decades of work to establish the rights of workers to speak for themselves. >> walker has his defenderses who say he significan signaled e campaign that he would do exactly what he's doing now. >> he didn't take anybody by surprise. he's doing exactly what he said. there was a referendum on the issues and the unions lost. the democrats should come back to wisconsin to have votes. >> reporter: a vote was expected tuesday, but the legislature probably won't have a quo rum with so many democrats missing in action. shannon, back to you. >> shank you, steve. >>> don't forget you can watch chris wallace's complete interview with wisconsin governor scott walker on today's
in the "new york times" this weekend suggests that president obama is faulting u.s. intelligence agencies for not foreseeing the crisis in egypt or the extent of it. not surprising says the next guest. mike baker, former covert agent with the c.i.a., now president of a global risk management firm. mike, great to see you today. i'll start off with a question. why is this not surprising to you? >> well, it's, i mean it's almost as predictable as pick something that is predictable. there tends to be a pattern. off crisis and then the administration and the congress play it in a certain fashion. and then suddenly they call this intel failure. and next thing you know commission is formed, and they're looking for how could we not have been on top of this thing 100%? so it's not necessarily surprising. it's disappointing and disconcerting in the sense that some of the more recent criticism coming from the chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee, senator feinstein. she honestly should know better and know better how intelligence functions and the nature of this particular situation in egy
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